COVD-19 Update

Plans And Guidelines for Moving Forward

At New Salem Baptist Church

    A word from our Pastor 

Our civic authorities have issued orders that begins the process of returning to an “open” status for businesses, gatherings, and social functioning. While permission has been granted for churches to begin gathering again (as long as clear and specific guidelines are met), we (the staff of nsbc) believe that returning to a status of “fully open” too soon is neither prudent nor practical. The question that has guided this consideration is this, “what is the best way to accomplish a healthy return in a timely manner?”

     Consequently, on behalf of the staff, I offer the following guidelines for nsbc as we move intentionally and prayerfully toward a schedule of fully reconvened church services and ministries:

Worship Gathering

     While the goal is to resume full-church worship service gatherings, we must provide an example to our city and especially to churches in our area. We intend to acknowledge guidelines given to us through civic leaders and exercise caution with the well-being of all people in mind. At this point, we are allowed up to 25% or 100 people seated according to social distancing of six feet with masks.

     Given that and other strict guidelines that must be met if we are to reconvene now, our plan is to continue utilizing the phone prayer lines through the end of May, at least. By the end of the last week in May, after consultation with civic authorities, medical leaders, deacons, and other church officers, recommendations for a new time table for reopening for full worship service, and ministry will be considered.

Sunday School                      

     Since we believe that ministry of the church occurs best through (teaching/training in small group settings like Sunday School classes, etc.), and given the opportunity to reopen, we can begin to offer small groups space at the church for face-to-face gatherings. THESE MEETINGS WOULD NOT COMMENCE UNTIL AFTER CIVIC AUTHORITIES HAVE ISSUED ORDERS. Additionally, we do not believe that we should do this in the traditional sense, at first. Adults with compromised health or those who find themselves in the most “vulnerable” categories defined by the center for disease control are asked not to attend these meetings.

Bible Study

     Bible Study will resume in keeping with the guidelines.

Building Maintenance

     Since the church building has been disinfected and sanitized by a licensed professional service provider, the custodial staff will be given clear guidelines and schedules for sanitizing all spaces in which people gather. No spaces (including restrooms) will be available for another group until it has been sanitized following previous use of that area.

     New protocals will be put in place with reference to entering and leaving the building, as well as, seating. These guidelines require regular constant and diligent attention. We believe that they give us a good, short-term plan of action that assures the church that we are moving carefully and deliberately to the resumption of normal operations.